In all of our views and thoughts, gambling and the existence of casinos are considered bad and illegal for the society for it is not just the gambler who gets affected but his entire family and the society as well. But in reality, casinos do not pull and push people inside their gates but just try to take their attention with their lavish offers and benefits. These can also be taken in the right sense for making some good extra money in a righteous way by limiting the spending to an extent every day.

All the casinos try to keep their gamblers well informed and within limits by displaying boards that speak about how gamblers should try to limit their spending inside and what are the after-effects or troubles that he might face if he goes unlimited. So the casinos alone cannot be blamed for the misbehavior of the gamblers. They, of course, attract their interests towards money making but with a caution. So it is the gambler who has to be well- informed and cautious in playing the games inside a casino. He should know his limits and try to stick to his limits.

There are also some good points to be considered while discussing the casinos. They restrict their access to people below a certain age and try to stop such people by checking their identity. Another good thing is that they do not function the whole day but predominantly try to be open in the late hours of an evening so that they can close their gates earlier before the next day. This way to an extent they are able to limit the entry of gamblers and their expenditure here. They also follow certain disciplines inside the gaming areas and try to keep the gamblers within limits when comes to smoking or drinking. So it is not the casinos that are to be blamed but the gamblers who come here forgetting their limits.

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